Clinic Services

Mama Licha's clinic is the first health center in Esteli utilizing midwives as primary providers who specialize in creating services with the objective to realize the goals of the World Health Organization's Safe Motherhood Initiative. The clinic providers are community leaders who have sought to improve direct services and create more options for women for decades. They have pre-existing relationships with local health centers and the regional hospital, and have the support of the municipal government health entities. Already, thousands of women have sought the care of Mama Licha and her partners. As the clinic grows, it will serve as a critical resource for underserved women in the community as a health care facility, a birth center and an educational resource.

The clinic services provided currently include pre-natal care, gynecological services, contraception counseling, pap smears, sexually transmitted infection screening and treatment, prenatal classes for mothers and their partners, newborn checks, lactation advice, blood pressure checks, basic pediatric care and vaccinations, low risk deliveries and referrals to primary care and high risk pre-natal services. The clinic's services are ready to be expanded to include the following with your generous support:

  • Training rural midwives for low risk deliveries and identifying high risk referrals
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Health library
  • Monthly health talks open to the community
  • Midwifery training for local and foreign midwifery students
  • Transport for rural patients and emergency transfers
  • Medicine fund
  • Expand staffing
  • Partnering with Adolescent, Domestic Violence, and Elderly Services organizations
  • HIV screening
  • Psychological counseling
  • Collaborating with local media to promote public health and human rights
  • Increasing access to traditional and natural medicines
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